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These Dehydrated Garlic Products are completely fresh and can be consumed and added in foods and various cuisines. Cultivated with rich nutrients already present in them, these have a rich amount of fiber, folic acid and vitamin B that help in producing new cells. These garlic products have the presence of those nutrients that are very important like cholesterol, saturated fats, sodium, etc in an adequate amount. They also contain higher amount of antioxidant compounds. These do not contain any type of harmful chemicals and pesticides in them. In addition to it, these are used for blood thinning process in body.

Added features

  • The warehousing of these ginger products is done in a proper way.
  • These dehydrated garlic products do not degrade when exposed to air or sunlight.
  • They add special taste in food and vivid cuisines.
  • These are available at a very economical price.

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